Give Thanks Thanksgiving Table Setting

Easy and modern Thanksgiving tablescape with a DIY kraft paper tablecloth and adorable pumpkin place cards.

So this is my first ever ‘blog’ post (like eva eva). I feel like a true laggard in embracing blogging, nevertheless, everyone starts from somewhere and I am excited to share my party and wedding decor, DIY projects, and at-home hosting inspiration with you. And what better time to start than the most cozy and photogenic season upon us, and with (Canadian) Thanksgiving next weekend. So here we go.

For this budget-friendly table setting I created a DIY Give Thanks tablecloth and custom pumpkin place cards, for a rustic yet modern feel that you can still pull off before the Thanksgiving weekend.

For the DIY personized pumpkin place cards, you will need:


· Snowball pumpkins

· White acrylic craft paint

· Brown twine

· Kraft paper

· Printable leaf name tags

To start, I painted the pumpkins with white craft paint as they were slightly off-white and had some marks on them. They took two coats to cover completely, by the time the last one was painted the first one was dry so I went right into the second coat. This is optional, you can definitely leave your pumpkins natural.

I then made the adorable leaf name tags created by Ella Claire Inspired (link here). Instead of using her pre-made tags I used the blank ones and created personalized name tags using a free font called Desyanti from Da Font (available here). I cut kraft paper to fit into my printer (8½ x 11) to print the name tags, cut them out and tied them onto the pumpkins using twine. Voila, step one done.

For the DIY Give Thanks tablecloth you will need the following:


· Kraft paper

· White acrylic craft paint

· Black felt tip marker

· Skinny black tip pen

· Dinner plate

· Pencil

I used more of the kraft paper to measure out a length suitable for my table, then again using the Desyanti font I printed out the words ‘give thanks’ and cut them out to create a homemade stencil.

Once I had the kraft paper positioned on my table, I determined where each place setting would be and then used a pencil to trace the full circle of an upside-down dinner plate so I had an outline for the placement of each setting. I then traced the ‘give thanks’ in the middle of each circle using a pencil, and freehanded the laurel around each side. I painted in the ‘give thanks’ with white paint, it took two coats, and then once dry I outlined some sides of the letters with a skinny black pen for definition. I used a black felt marker to fill in the laurel on the sides and then erased any pencil marks afterwards.

Then I completed the place settings with matte gold utensils, a black stemless wine glass and gold-rimmed stemless champagne flute. I folded a striped napkin triangle-style and knotted it once to complete each place setting and added some florals to the middle of the table for colour.

Additional ideas I also tried are a plaid blanket scarf as a table runner (shhh) with more pumpkins scattered as decor. This is a great last-minute idea if you are in a pinch for your tablescape, and a great use for all those festive blanket scarfs you already own.

That’s its folks. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving surrounded by loved ones and lots of pie, always pie.

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